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Qik is a fully hosted 'fast-code' platform. By combining CMS, CRM, DAM, Workflows and Automation into a single platform it empowers you to rapidly build, test, launch and scale your ideas.

No setup, installation or deployment of anything. Just signup and start building.

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Interface builder

Skip the hassle of building from scratch. Utilize our world--class interface builder to rapidly create web and mobile interfaces, harnessing pre-designed Vue components. If our provided components don't quite fit the bill, you can easily extend them or craft your own. With us, you maintain full access to the code at all times.

  • Unlimited Custom domains and UIs

  • Versioning and release management

  • Manage your own staging and production environments

  • Full and direct access to your CRM and CMS data

  • Build with standard JS, SCSS, HTML and Vue 3

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Full featured CRM

Experience the power of a comprehensive and customisable CRM directly integrated into your platform. Our living CRM seamlessly collects, cleans and manages your people and user data, eliminating the need for complex integrations and providing you with accurate real-time information.

  • Custom fields, with nested and sophisticated data structures.

  • Predefined base models and relationships

  • Field level access control

  • Data integrity, profile matching and safe merging tools

  • Seamlessly and fully integrated with all other platform features

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Form Builder

Easily create forms tailored to your business needs with our form builder. This includes support for payments, custom fields, conditional logic, validation, and is seamlessly integrated with the rest of the platform, including workflows and CRM. Shape and structure your data and inputs exactly as you need.

  • Auto create, update and link to profiles in your database

  • Auto add submissions into workflows

  • Secure Payments and payment modifiers

  • Conditional hide/ logic based on input of the user

  • Nested and repeatable fields

  • Webhooks and integrations

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API First. Language agnostic.

Embracing an API-first approach and language agnostic approach, Qik is the best headless CMS out there. Define custom entity types with nested fields and relationships.

Validation, Field-level permissions and sophisticated query building is included out of the box, empowering you to focus on crafting the unique magic of your app.

  • 100% feature coverage via API.

  • Scaleable and secure CMS

  • Audit logging for every action

  • Unlimited and secure authentication rules

  • Extend any existing content type and define your own schemas and relationships

  • Nested and Complex Field level permissions

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const criteria = {

const {items} = await $sdk.content.list('profile', criteria);

Access Control

Our user authentication system, combined with granular permission policies, scopes, and field-level permissions, puts you in complete control of the data accessible to each user and application. You can fine-tune and manage access with precision.

  • Multi-factor authentication

  • Scoped content permissions

  • Field level permissions

  • Audit trail of every user action

  • Diff log of every change

  • Rollback and observability features

Documentation and Support

We offer real-time support and expert guidance to assist you in getting started.

  • Easy to use Administration Interface for full observability

  • Documented Javascript SDK for building your own front ends

  • Documented REST API endpoints

  • Documented Vue 3 UI components

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Setup your business workflows for Kanban boards, drip feed campaigns, delegate tasks to your team members or automate your business processes based on whether content items meet your criteria or progress based on time of day, day of week and more...

  • Task Management

  • Drip feeds

  • Kanban Boards

  • Automated completion criteria

Query and list builder

Searching, browsing and retrieving the data you're looking for is a breeze. Easily create sophisticated queries using our powerful query builder, Save as a smart list or copy the code to implement in your codebase.

  • Filter with AND/OR/NOR rules

  • Filter and render any custom field

  • Save as smartlists and shortcuts

  • Easily export as API request

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Automation and webhooks

When everything is totally integrated, it's easy to trigger custom code from user or application interactions. Send automated messages to your people on their birthday, or transfer data to an external service on a regular timetable. With the ability to create your own endpoints and logic Qik makes it easy to connect the features of your application.

  • Time and event based automation

  • Conditional actions

  • Webhooks

  • Integrations

Communications and Messaging

With built in Email, SMS and Push features, fully integrated with your platform promoting and notifying your people has never been easier. Send bulk email campaigns, automated reminders and confirmations easily to everyone.

  • Email and SMS features

  • Push notifications

  • Marketing campaigns with read receipts and click tracking

  • Fully integrated with your CRM and other platform features

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Plans to scale with you


For developers building personal projects or MVPs

  • 1 Admin User (you)

  • 1000 people profiles

  • 100 End Users
    (your customers who can log in to your apps)

  • 1 Scope

  • 1GB Storage (gb)

  • CRM

  • Form Builder

  • Interface Builder

  • Custom Fields

  • Access Control


For teams ready to invest in personal branding and additional features

  • 3 Admin Users
    (your team who can log in to qik)

  • Unlimited Profiles

  • 500 End Users
    (your customers who can log in to your apps)

  • 3 Scopes

  • 5GB Storage

  • 5 Million API calls per month

  • Form Builder

  • Interface Builder

  • Custom Fields

  • Access Control

  • Workflows

  • Email Campaigns

  • Automation tools


For small and midsize business who are scaling their content and userbase

  • 25 Admin Users
    (Your team who can log in to qik)

  • 5000 End Users
    (Your customers who can log in to your apps)

  • Unlimited Scopes

  • Unlimited Storage

  • 50 Million API calls per month

  • Form Builder

  • Interface Builder

  • Custom Fields

  • Access Control

  • Workflows

  • Email Campaigns

  • Automation tools

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